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I think we have all learned that there is a spontaneous lifespan to love just like other emotions we have experienced in our life. I have learned to realize this every time I lost love in the past. As we grow older and gain more experience we find that the lifespan of our relationships and our loves increase. Each and every time that I lost love in the past, the lifespan of the relationship lasted longer than the last one, or the results of the relationship was more rewarding than before.

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Sometimes when I lost love, it turned out later that the relationship could be brought back to life through energy and hard work. It was never simple to renew a relationship after I lost love, but it was worthwhile because I still cared about the person that I had lost.

Everyone at one time in their life has yelled “I lost love!”. The truth is, the end of the world had not come, and they you have to learned to move on. Every time that I lost love, there was always something better in my future. But I had to learn to be patience while I waited.

If I had wrote off each relationships every time I lost love, then I would have missed out on a number of wonderful experiences that I am glad I had. Losing someone you love is usually very difficult to deal with, but you need to get over it and move on.  But do not forget the other loves that you have encountered in your lifetime, and all the wonderful relationships that you have had.

Next time you feel upset and disappointed because you have lost a loved one to a break up, just remember that there are plenty of others out their looking for true love just as much as you are. Keep your eyes and ears open for these relationships and you will truly benefit in the end.

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