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Every girl in a sound relationship wants a guy to understand and connect with her.  Many relationship experts have written about the rules a guy should follow when pursuing a girl after a break up.  I will do my best to explain 10 important rules in this article about how to deal with your ex following the break up.

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Here are 10 proven tips to help you win her back.

1. Show your confidences and call her.  Whereas calling her several times a day may convey to her that you are desperate, you should phone her a few times a week to let her know that you still love her and interested in getting back together.

2. Similarly, you should email her once in a while asking her “how are you doing?” This will provide her the chance to reconnect.

3. You should not date other girls.  Be true to your ex even though your are hurting for her. You want to build a trusting relationship while getting an ex back. You should not let another women get between you and your ex.

4. Make a point to celebrate her birthday.  A birthday is a wonderful opportunity to stay in touch with her. You will make her feel remembered and important when you celebrate her birthday.  So, make a point of treating her like a princess on her birthday.

5. Spend time analyzing her feelings and emotions.  Determine what she wants in a man.  Listen to what she says and watch her body language when she is talking to you and others. This will help you gain a better understand your ex now more than ever before. 

6. Demonstrate through your actions that you are not jealous.  After a break up, you have no claim on her.  So, you should not show her you are jealous if she spends time with another guy.  Keep in mind that she is your ex not your partner.  You must understand this basic principle to win her back.

7. Make a point to observe how she acts around other guys.  It is a good chance that she is still interested in you when she defends you when other others put you down.  But, if she stabs you in the back with a butcher knife, then there’s is no chance to win her back into a healthy, happy relationship.

8. Playing mind games is a big mistake.  After you break up with someone you love, it is very easy to play mind games with them.  But playing mind games can damage them for life.  Hurting them this way will harm your chance to win her back. So, just do not even think about playing mind games.

9. Keep the power of your feelings.  Keep those feeling cards close to your chest.  Relationships are very difficult manage.  When you and your ex are together, it is ok to communicate, but when your are with others, you should keep your personal feelings close to your chest.  Be careful when you tell her “I love you” after you have broken up, because you may be giving away all of your power and she may have you in a precarious position.

10. Present yourself as a more desirable person.  Following the break up, you want to stay in good physical shape or get back into shape.  Expand your interests into new areas.  In short, become the type of guy she wants.  You want to change your past that she knows all about.  You want to become more alluring this time around so she will be more attached to you.

Reconciliation is very possible with your ex.  Study the tips in this article to win her back.

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