How To Get Her Back For Good

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A study of relationships have found that they all have a beginning, a middle and an end.  The question you need to answer is whether the relationship is in the middle and just taking a hiatus or whether it is really over and the relationship is at it’s end.

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If your girlfriend wants the relationship to start anew, you need to begin over with a fresh start.  You should develop a plan ahead of time that includes the these steps to renew the relationship so it works out better than the old one did.

First of all, try and determine why you broke up.  Were there underlying issues that derailed your relationship?  If so, you need to determine what to do to eliminate those issues from the renewed relationship? 

Second, analyze why you are working on getting her back.  Are you just feeling lonely because she’s is not with you?  If so, you should be able to satisfy the loneliness with any woman.  But, if the loneliness is due to a broken heart that only your ex can fill, that’s different.

Third, you need to change and become the kind of person that she wants.  Reflect back on what you were like when she first fell in love with you.  How much have you changed?  Have you stopped doing those interesting things that you did with your ex when you devoted all of your time to her? Have you stopped working out at the the gym thinking that there’s no reason to stay in shape now that you have her with you?  You must once again become the person she wants back to have any hope of getting her back.

Fourth, consider what you say to your ex after a break up because it may be the most critical words ever spoken to her by you.  The wrong spoken words can change the future of the relationship.  Begging her to come back is a no no.  Don’t do things that might irritate her.  She may still have good feelings for you and you don’t want to change her feeling for you by doing something stupid.

Fifth, try to use the good old memories you’ve built to your advantage.  Grab at any opportunity to talk about the good times you once had together.  If she gave you a special shirt, wear it when you know she’s will be around you.  Try and arrange to meet with your ex at a place that has meaning to both of you so you can communicate.

Sixth, consider trying to mirror her words, gestures, and body language.  If she uses an uncommon word, do your best to work it into your communication with her.  If she places her right hand on her chin, do the same.  Don’t overdo it or don’t be obvious. This type of “mirror imaging” will gets you back in synch with your ex.

Seventh, convey to her that you have been thinking about her.  Make a point of sending her a card with words describing your feelings for her on her birthday. If you know she has a big happening in her life, send her an encouraging note.

Periodically, let her know you appreciate her. By executing these seven steps for getting her back, you should be able to win back your ex.  But only if you are still on friendly terms. Consider using your friendship with your ex to become romantic once more.

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