The Magic Of Making Up

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Jane does not feel that John is there for her because he works so many hours. Jane spends a lot of time with her friends and family and Jim feels that she does not have time for him and his needs?  Do you believe that this relationship can be saved?  Do you think it should be saved? 

Keep reading to learn how to save a relationship.

First of all, you must determine if the relationship is worth saving. With hard work and time almost every relationship can be saved, but to make it work both parties must determine that they want to make it happen. Because if a partner has checked out and does not want to get back together, there is little that can be done to save the relationship.

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The biggest fault that so many people make is staying in a relationship just because it is convenient.  This is a big mistake.  How to save a relationship starts with both parties making a commitment that they want to save the relationship.

The next step, you must determine the problem or problems that are stressing the relationship. A problem in how to save a relationship is that people can not distinguish between the symptoms of the problem and the problem itself. 

For example, some people believe that an affair is a problem that causes break ups.  That is not always the truth. You see an affair is usually a symptom of a deeper problem.  For example, a lack of true intimacy usually leads a partner to stray away.  While some people may view the affair as the problem, the real cause of the affair was the lack of intimacy in the relationship. You must deal with the lack of intimacy to save the relationship, because it is the root cause of the issue. You can see that to remove the problem you must get to the root of the problem and solve it.

Once you deal with the root cause rather than the symptoms you then can save the relationship. 

When you have identified the root cause of the problems, you should then begin communicating your thoughts. This means that both are communicating their own feelings and actively listening to the concerns of their partner.  Holding your partner’s hand when talking to them about a problem is a signal to them that you really want to renew the relationship even though your emotions are swirling.  When you are hurt by the things your partner says just remember that he or she is not doing it to hurt you. Rather they want to improve the relationship.

Maintain a positive attitude at all times

After you have determined the root causes for the problems in your relationship, create an executable action plan to solve each problem. 

Then simply execute the action plan.

Agree to take turns coming up with creative ways to spend quality time together each Friday or which day you agree to. 

If the problem is a lack of communication, agree to spending 20 minutes a day being along and talking to one another. And, then do it and continue to do it!

Finally, how to save a relationship is a commitment and an ongoing process. You need to recognize that there will be periods of both laughter and tears as you move forward renewing your relationship. 

Remember to be quick to apologize and slow to blame. 

Are both of you committed to saving the relationship?  If so, I’ve described in this article how to save a relationship.

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