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How confident are you in social settings? Do you dress for confidence? There is a lot to be said about dressing for confidence. You want to actually have as much self-confidence as you look like you have. You want to improve your self-confidence making you unstoppably confident as you work to fix a relationship.

So let’s discuss some practical tips and advice for building your self-confidence and self-esteem.

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The most important aspect of self-confidence is SOCIAL self-confidence. You want to learn to be more comfortable in all social situations as you talk to other people and how to be a great flirt.

Obviously, there’s not really enough space in this short article to cover EVERYTHING you need to know about self-confidence but there is enough space to discuss the most important aspect of improving your self-confidence.

We’re going to talk about PEOPLE SKILLS and how they tie in with self-confidence?

Are you lacking self-confidence in social settings and when you are with your partner?

Do you feel really shy at parties or when you are on a date with your partner. Do you find it difficult making friends? Maybe you have no idea how to flirt, and feel like it must be something you’re either born with, or you’re not.

Well all of these things are PERFECTLY LEARNABLE!

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the basics of GOOD FLIRTING.

First, what does it mean to flirt with someone?

It is not what most people thinks it means. Most people think that “a flirt” is someone who flaunts their sexuality, who teases members of the opposite sex in suggestive ways, and who generally makes people think that they’re “into them”.

This is not what it means.

Flirting is about making others around us feel good about themselves. This is the basis of good social interactions with others and your partner! Flirting is not confined to sexual or romantic situations.

What this mean is that people who are “good flirts” do not flirt with just members of the opposite sex. A good flirt is a person who flirts with both males and females and they makes people feel good about themselves!

As a result, the most popular people are usually the flirtiest. They attract friends and admirers to themselves with their people skills. After all, everyone loves to feel special and good about themselves?

Let us talk about the first rule of being a GREAT flirt.

Once you understand this rule, you will improve your self-confidence by a factor of one hundred.


You should find this a very easy way to practice basic flirting.

What is the easiest way you can make a person feel good about themselves?

If you said, “pay them a compliment” then you were right.

To improve your self-confidence through flirting you need to develop your people skill in the art of paying others compliments! Flirting will also help you fix a relationship. So start practicing every chance you get with your partner and friends. Give them a compliment that makes them feel good about themselves.

We are talking about something you genuinely admire about the person. Make it sincere.  Insincere flattery will get you nowhere.

It maybe difficult at first to give someone a compliment because it may not be in your nature.  But if you practice giving a compliment over and over you will own this people skill and it will help you fix a relationship.

So practice, practice, and practice even with people you’re not even attracted to at all! For example, pay a compliment to people like cashiers, store assistants, the person that serves you at fast food counter, etc.

This means both men and women. It must be EVERYONE!

You will be surprised how giving someone a complement will help you gain social confidence. So start your conversations with a sincere compliment with all sorts of people. You will gain valuable practice in the art of talking to strangers, you will gain social confidence as a result of this, and you will make a lot of friends.

To help you fix a relationship practice giving compliments to your partner. You will make them feel good and that will make you feel good as well. Try it, it will work wonders.

Then, when you do meet someone you want to get to know a little better, you will have the people skill to make it happen. You will find it much easier to carry on a conversation with the person you are interested in getting to know!

You want to use the compliment as an opportunity to open a conversation with someone.

So how does a person give a good compliment to someone else?

First of all, you can not randomly just pick a compliment to hand out. It has to come from inside you and it has to be SINCERE. When someone genuinely admires the quality of somebody else, it always shows.

Let’s take an example from Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. (103). In this book, he talks about how he was waiting in line at the post office. The clerk was weighing packages, dispensing change, and not really looking too happy about it.

So Dale made the clerk’s day, and made them feel GOOD about themselves, by issuing a simple, sincere compliment. “Well,” he remarked, “I certainly wish I had your head of hair!”

The clerk looked up, face wreathed in surprise and smiled. And the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s the little encounters like this one that – when you make them a regular part of your lifestyle – really improve your overall social skills and IMPROVE YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE.

No, they did not end up with a lasting friendship or dating. The point of this example is to show how to make someone feel good about themselves.

Dale didn’t “want” anything from the clerk; he was simply showing how to make someone feel good about themselves through the art giving a compliment at the right time.

He went away feeling good about himself; the clerk felt good about himself; they had a nice little conversation; and that was that.

This is the kind of thing you need to start doing to improve your self-confidence and help you fix a relationship! Compliment your partner. Compliment the person standing in line behind you in a retail store. Compliment those your work with.

The is simply a way to MAKE PEOPLE FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES. And as a by product of this, you’ll learn the art of communicating with strangers and you’ll make a lot of people feel good!

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