Get Him Back Forever

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– First things first, if you want to get him back you must not call him over and over. Constantly trying to communicate with him through phone calls, e-mail or text messaging will only push him furhter away from you.

– If you want to get him back following a break up you must not make him feel suffocated. If he feels suffocated, then he will be asking for more space than ever before and this will result in more problems following the break up.

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– If you are determined to learning how to get him back, then you do not want to make him jealous. You do not want to do something stupid, such as dating his friend or flirting with someone he knows trying to make him jealous. While you are Learning how to get him back you do not want to look stupid during this time of separation.

– If you want to get him back following a breakup, you should not give him the indication that you have moved on. If he believes you have moved on, then he will most likely move on too, and this is in  opposition to your attempt to rekindle the relationship.

– Now, if you want to get him back, then give him some time to think about things and cool it following the break up. Most breakups are ugly, and both of you need to give it sometime to settle rather than to trying to rekindle things quickly.

– Finally, send him a letter clearly explaining your expectations and what you want in the relationship. If you want to get him back, you need to make sure he understands what you want, but leave the mushy stuff out. Leave out all those things about needing him or wanting him and do not mention those mushy emotions. Focus only on what is needed to renew the relationship. Make sure you ask him what he wants to do and listen closely to his response.

Renewing your relationship will take a lot of your energy and time.  You have to be patience and willing to listen to him and communicate. If you are willing to put in the necessary energy and time, then will get him back. But must be willing to put blood, sweat and tears into the effort. You have to show him that you are sincere about rekindling things. He is not going to waste his time trying to get back together with you in the future if you are sincere.

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