Pull Your Ex Back

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There are two critical things to think about when it comes to choosing to get back together with ex; your feelings and their feelings.

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How do you feel about what is going on since the breakup? Hopefully you have managed to let the emotions fade away, and you feel positive about rekindling the relationship without feeling stressed?

Do you know how your ex is feeling about the situation? Have you recently spoken to them or spent time with them? Because you can not get back together with your ex without knowing what they think about the idea of getting back together.

If both of you agree to get back together, you can then sit down and talk it through. This must be a mutual agreement, otherwise you are just stalking or bothering them.

If your ex does not agree to get back together, give them some space and let things cool down. If he or she is not yet ready it is not a definite no so just give them a little more time.

Once both of you mutually agree to get back together, you can begin the process of rekindling the relationship. You should plan to do most of talking. The first step to preventing another break up is talking things through.

It will take both of you working together to deal with the problems that caused the break up and decide how best to get back together and work out all the issues. It is not going to easy but working together as a team will make it happen.

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