Bring Back The Love Of Your LifeAlmost every relationship may have moments when your ex expressed a strong desire for some space. There maybe a number of reasons why they expressed this need for more space. It may include a real fear of making a long term commitment with you, they may have experienced a personal family situation, and they may have been informed of a personal health condition to list a few. What follows is some advice that you could consider as you try to determine how to get your ex back when you’re ex needs space for a while.


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You should maintain a sense of personal pride. You do not want your ex to think they can get the best of you.  The fact that you want to get your ex back shows you continue to be in love with then.  Maintain your pride by showing your ex that it is their loss for wanting some space.


When your ex shows a willingness to get back together then you should take the opportunity to start up some communications with them.  But keep it to a minimum at first.  Keep your cell phone calls short and to the point.  Text messaging should be short and positive.  Try to make your ex feel good through your communication.  After you see the phone communication and text messaging are going well try arranging a meeting with your ex to discuss your relationship.

When your ex starts to show some interest in you again it is time to reflect on the good times you shared when the relationship was going well. Strive to focus on the good memories and ignore the negative experiences. Reminisce only on the good memories. Negative memories may drive the two of you further apart.

If you’re starts to show some interest in you again or starts to warm up to you, then you could begin a personal campaign to renew the relationship.  But if they are not responding to your attempts to rekindle the relationship then you may want to give up on them.  Think about it, they may be trying to show you that they are no longer interested in you.

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