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The best part of a break up could be the joyous and wonderful feeling related with making up. Making up with your ex should depend on how important the relationship is to you. A course to get your ex back is only worth fighting for if you feel you want your ex to be a significant part of your future.

Does this sound like the way you feel about your broken relationship? If so, then here are a few tips on how to get your ex back into your life now.

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1. Do not demonstrate through your actions that you can not live without them. Even though you are hurting you should show them that you are not desperate. Keep getting your ex back in for front of your mind.

2. Chasing and bothering your ex through phone calls and emails may cause the gap between the two you to widen. You need to provide your ex time and space to deal with the break up and to determine if they are willing to renew the relationship. Do not have your friends report to you about your ex and what they are doing.

3. Even though it is hard to deal with the break up you still need to say goods things about your ex when talking to others. You want to make sure that the word gets around that you want to get your ex back soon.

4. Was it your fault the break up happen? If you did then you need to figure out how you are going to apologize and make up for the mistake you made. You may want to call her or send her a card explaining how sorry you feel about causing the break up. If your ex accepts your apologize you might want to determine if a get back together dinner is possible. Do your best to make your ex feel good. It may be your last chance to get your ex back.

5. Reflect back on what attracted you to her/him when you were first getting to know them. You may have to do those little things again that you did then to win them over to you in the beginning. You will have figure out how you are going to rekindle those feelings they had for you in the beginning of your relationship.

6. You need to be gentle with your ex. Remember they may be hurting as much as you are. Your will need to be patient. It may take time for your ex to come around and give the relationship a second chance. Do not feel sorry for yourself but be positive and confident that the two of you will get back together and renew the relationship.

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