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Do you wish you had taken a class called relationship 101 in high school, vocational school, or college? Those school offer you math, physics, writing, etc. but everyone would handle relationships better and personally benefit from a class on saving a relationship. But guess what, in this article you will learn you already have the skills to save a relationship and make yourself a better person without taking a relationship 101 course.

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You must start with a positive attitude about how you are going to try and save the relationship.  You see it has been shown that most relationships can be saved no matter what may have caused the problems or issues with the relationship.  Keep in mind there are relationships like those that are  abusive or really miserable should not be saved. But the other relationships can be fixed if you and your partner want it to happen. This is the number one lesson to learn from relationships 101.

Saving a relationship does not happen most of the time because to many people give up way to soon. What usually prevents them from saving a relationship is they are angry, hurt, upset and they find it easier to just break off the relationship rather than trying to save it. These type of people focus only on the now and not the past relationship.

If you once had a wonderful relationship then you should be able to renew that relationship again if you want it bad enough. But people get hung up with the fact they are angry and they dwell to much time on the problems that led to the separation. To save a relationship you must get past that anger and the problems and concentrate on the great times you once had together. This is the way to try an use the relationship 101 strategies to save a relationship.

To further complicate the problems, one of the partners is ready to put in the effort for saving a relationship but the other person can not look past the issues that caused the relationship to deteriorate.  That person is very eager to end it forever. Remember it takes both members of the relationship working together to save a relationship.

There are times when one person can make it happen, but it is going to be very hard and time consuming. It will be very hard for the person to stay positive when the other member of the relationship does not feel like putting in the effort to renew the relationship. You will have to over come the feeling that you are fighting a losing battle and remain positive.

Relationships 101 lesson #2: You must continue to fight to save a relationship.  You must not give up.  Even if you are unable to save a relationship the effort put forth will make you a better person. Because the things you are doing to renew the relationship are very beneficial for you as person.

Reflect back to when the relationship was new and things were going well. Now do a comparison between how you are behaving now with your partner to way you behaved when things were going well. You must try hard to turn things back to the way they were in the beginning and return to doing things the way you did them in the beginning.

If you were polite when the relationship was new you must return to being polite. You have to be very thoughtful and a friend to your partner every opportunity you have. You want to respect and understand their feelings and emotions. You do not want to beg them to return to the relationship but let them know they should return in a positive way.  Again you want to show them that you are positive and confident as you try saving a relationship.

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