It is been said that women are the most difficult species to understand; and yet men keep trying their luck to comprehend the female mind. It’s a very natural fact that men and women are attracted to each other. But the specific qualities in a man to attract women, is something that remains a mystery. Different women like different qualities in man. Some prefer good looks and personality, while some others prefer financial stability.

However there are a few basic features that most woman find very appealing in men. And I bet you’d like to know these!

1. Being Genuine

Men who try too hard pretending to be someone else, in an attempt to impress a woman, often end up being rejected. Simplicity is appreciated. Try to show the woman the real side of your personality not the fake one.

2. Being a Gentleman

Chivalry would definitely go a long way in creating a positive impression: Displaying good manners and politeness is a huge turn on. Women often respond positively towards well behaved men.

3. Being Confident

Exhibiting confidence in your actions will surely get you a woman’s attention. Instead of flaunting your money to impress her, try flaunting an appropriate amount of confidence through your personality. Respect yourself and your abilities and gentle reflect this strength and positive self-esteem through your clothes, voice, firm hand shake and body language.

4. A Sense of Humor

When a woman laughs, she releases a particular “feel good” hormone., thereby making her feel delighted. A man who can make a woman laugh with his witty jokes and sense of humor can easily attract her attention, and sustain it for a longer time.

5. Be Cool

Do not try too hard: While pursuing a woman for the first time, be patient. She may or may not respond at your to your first attempt. Neither give up that easy nor make it too obvious that you really like her. Try to keep your moves subtle so that you don’t overdo it and come across as someone who is in desperate need for attention.

6. Appreciate Her

Everyone likes a compliment! Find things about her, her life, her mind and emotions that you really like – and tell her!

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